Let’s shout Snowden a meal.

When Food For Thought asked ourselves which member of the tech community most deserved support from the people, It is hard to write a bio on Edward Snowden; everything has already been said. It is much easier to keep it simple: Edward has been a hero for millions around the world, representing a new kind of freedom fighter in the defense of the public's most intimate rights.

What might be surprising to most is that, despite global support from the people, Snowden has regularly struggled with the financial burden of "food, rent, security" and legal fees since his departure and prosecution from the US. There have been efforts from the community via his donation page, along with a push from Wikileaks to cover Snowden's legal defense, but still Snowden's situation is precarious.

In an effort to provide the community with an easier and more satisfying way to support others (don't worry, this is a prototype and more features are fast on the way), Food For Thought let's you see how many potential meals you guys are shouting contributors like Edward Snowden. Every week a new recipient will be featured, as voted by you. Nominate candidates and vote here.